Refund Policy

Return and Cancellation Policy

 1. Don’t Accept any product which seems to be tampered by the courier services.

2. Please make a videotape while opening the Packaging as a supporting evidence.

3. Don’t break the seal of the product if you have any dubieties questions about authenticity.

4. Once the product seal is broken, we don’t accept return/ relief for the product.


However, you need to raise it to Brand and there’s no return/ relief for the same, If there’s any concern. We wo n’t be suitable to accept any return/ relief if the below points aren’t being followed.

Since constituents of BCAA’s and Pre-workout are hygroscopic in nature, they ’ll tend to form lumps. Still, the supplement is fully safe to consume. We’d recommend shaking the product roundly to break down the clumps which would help them to dissolve in the water. If you have any fresh questions or enterprises please telegraph to separate brands.

We offer you complete peace of mind while ordering – you can return all particulars within 7 days of damage of goods. Please insure still that the product is unused and the markers, boxes and other packaging is complete. 2 way shipping charges( both side traveling) will be subtracted from the reimbursed quantum.

Q What should I do if I admit a Damaged item, wrong product or missing units in my order?

A If an item is set up damaged or incorrect as per description on our website or units are missing as per ordered volume, please shoot a shot of the external packaging, MRP Hologram, Batch Number and images of products entered with tab dupe to our client care and you’ll get revert in 24- 48 hours. Once you raise the concern we will probe for same you’ll get revert in 24- 48hrs.However, we need to stay for the revert from same, If we need we might raise the concern to brand or importer and in those situations. Once the disquisition is over if we arrange a rear volley also below will be the process

1. Our courier mate will take 1- 2 working days to pick up the product/ item from you,

2. As rear pick up is done by standard delivery it takes minimal 5- 7 working days to get back to our storehouse.

3. Once the product is entered back to us quality platoon check it and give update related to the product condition, as we need the product in the same condition as delivered to you.

4. On entering a positive response we will get back to you and as per your request we will replace or reimburse you for the order( relief are subject to vacuity of the particular product).

5. In case we admit a negative response the product would be transferred back to you in the same condition. Note – As per our Return Policy you need to raise concern within 7 days on with proper product images and unboxing vids.

Q. What should I do when I admit courier damaged product/ item?

A. We recommend you not to accept the product/ item from the courier boy and kindly take images( or vids) of the same and share with us Anticipated Response in 24 – 48 hours). It’ll help us to raise the concern with the separate courier mate.

Please Note If in case of this query, we will produce a new order( same product) and will dispatch it.

Q Is there a order specific policy for returns?

A Nutrition Products should be entered in original packaging and sealed condition. Opened or used boxes won’t be accepted as returns. For issues like rashes, stomach derangement, headache, flavour like/ dislike, flavour difference from one brand to otheretc. products would not be applicable for return. Please consult with the croaker
before buying the product.

Fitness Equipment: There’s no return policy for any product unless it’s damaged in conveyance.

The following shall NOT be eligible for return or relief:

1. Damages due to abuse of the product.

2. Incidental damage due to conking of product.

3. Any consumable item which has been used or installed.

4. Products with tampered or missing periodical/ UPC figures

* Stock Clearance Product aren’t Eligible for Returns relief.*

Any damage/ disfigurement which isn’t covered under the manufacturer’s bond. Any product that’s returned without all original packaging and accessories, including the box, manufacturer’s packaging if any, and all other particulars firstly included with the product( s) delivered.